Deregulation Bill

30 Aug

On 1 July 2013, the De-regulation Bill was published. The aim of the government is to reduce red tape.   Nearly 2,000 regulations will be either reduced in intensity or removed.  Schools will be affected in the following ways.

(a)  Community and voluntary controlled schools will be given the power to set their own terms dates and holidays. Currently, the local authorities set the term dates and the schools have to comply.  However, powers to set term and holidays reside currently with academies and foundation, free and voluntary aided schools.

(b)  Governors and headteachers of local authority maintained schools in England and Wales will not be required to have regard to the Secretary of State’s statutory guidance in regard to the appointment, discipline, suspension and dismissal of staff members.  Instead, they will be advised about where they can receive expert help and guidance.

(c)  Every school in England will no longer have to produce behaviour principles which the headteacher must take into account when drafting the behaviour policy.  Rather, the governing body will have responsibility for ensuring that the headteacher determines a behaviour policy. The requirement for a governing body to have a home-school agreement will be abolished.

(d)  The governing body will no longer have to send hard copies of the Ofsted inspection report to the parents.  Instead, it will have to notify parents of the results of the inspection and where they may find the full report.   However, the governing body will have to provide hard copies of the inspection report where parents don’t have access to the internet.

(e)  Current legislation which enables the Secretary of State to require the governing body of a maintained school to set annual performance targets for pupils/students for public examination and National Curriculum tests will be repealed.

In the preamble to the Bill, Kenneth Clarke, the Minister without Portfolio, trumpeted that businesses will be freed of red tap when

i.            health and safety rules for the self-employed workers in low-risk occupations (estimated to be about 800,000 people) are scrapped saving £300,000 (circa) a year;

ii.             the system of apprenticeships will be made more flexible and responsive to the needs of employers and the economy as recommended by the Richard Review as a lot of prescriptive detail in current legislation  will be repealed;

For more information, see Deregulation Act 2014.

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