Publication of Information

25 Aug

From 1 September 2015, it becomes a requirement for every governing body to publish on its school website information about its members.  Minimally, the information should consist of the following:

  • every governor’s name;
  • type of governor – i.e. parent, staff, local authority, partnership, foundation, co-optee;
  • the body that appointed/elected the governor;
  • the length of the term of office;
  • the names of any committee/s on which the governor serves;
  • details of positions of responsibility such as chair or vice chair of the governing body or a committee of the governing body.

The school website must contain similar information for associate members, clarifying her/his voting rights on any of the committees on which they serve.

The governing body will be under a duty to publish on the school website its Register of Interests of its members.  The Register should set out the relevant business interests and details of any other educational establishments they govern.   Employees of banks and other financial institutions, who feel targeted because of the negative publicity they have had to bear in recent times, can state that they are employed in the financial services industry.

However, the Register must set out any relationships between governors and members of school staff – including spouses, partners and relatives.

The governing body must state in its code of conduct that this information on its members will be published.  Where applicable, the information will also cover the associate members.

A governor failing to reveal this information to fulfil the governing body’s statutory responsibilities could be in breach of the code of conduct and, as a result, bring the school into disrepute. In such a case, the governing body should consider suspending the governor.

The governing body must operate in accord with the School Governance (Constitution)(England) Regulations 2007 when suspending the governor – in particular, Regulation 27.

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