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Clerking – the Key to Governor Efficiency and Effectiveness

27 Aug

I        Preamble

Because Local Authorities are shrinking, schools increasingly have to rely on their own initiatives and know-how.  In this milieu, the clerk to a governing body, who plays a critical role, becomes even more pivotal to the efficiency and effectiveness of the governing body.     It is no more a role where the post-holder is expected merely to send out the agenda for meetings, take minutes during them and distribute the minutes following the meetings, important though these functions may be.

Clerks have the responsibility of operating professionally not unlike that of company secretaries.  A clerk has four overarching responsibilities.

(1)        First, the clerk must provide efficient and effective administrative support to the governing body.

(2)        Second, she/he has a responsibility for managing governance information well –recording, storing and retrieving it with felicity.

(3)        Third, the clerk is the governing body’s legal adviser.

(4)        Finally, the clerk has a responsibility for governor development. Continue reading