Planning for the financial year: timetable of activities

18 Apr

Governors’ responsibilities have grown (with their powers) like Topsy.  That 350,000 citizens in this country chose to become governors is amazing, given that they are required to discharge these responsibilities for the love of their schools and the children in them in their spare time.   It is, therefore, critical to plan work annually to ensure that governors do not collapse under the pressures stemming from the responsibilities they must bear.  Set out below (with some help of The Key, a governors’ organisation) are the tasks that governors are required to undertake and suggestions about when precisely they should be tackled.

I        Throughout the Year

  • Monitor school improvement plan
  • Organise induction, support and training for governors
  • Review attendance of pupils, staff and governors
  • Review pupil exclusion
  • Receive report of the headteacher (each term)
  • Arrange governors’ visits to the school
  • Receive reports from governors on the visits they make to the school
  • Review delegation of functions and committee structures
  • Receive curriculum area reports
  • Write new policies/review existing policies
  • Complete asset management plan
  • Receive friends’/parents’ association report
  • See and agree the school’s self-evaluation
  • Prepare for Ofsted inspection
  • Review safeguarding arrangements
  • Review the quality of teaching
  • Complete the Financial Management and Governance Self-Assessment (academies only)
  • Register new directors (trustees) with Companies House (academies only)
  • Notify Education Funding Agency (EFA) within 14 days of vacating or filling the positions of chair of trustees, accounting officer and chief financial officer, and appointing all trustees and members (academies only)
  • Ensure governor details are updated on the national database of governors on Edubase


II       Summer Term 2017

  • Review governing body performance and procedures
  • Review school improvement plan progress
  • Review careers advice
  • Receive headteacher’s report on performance management
  • Review the pay of teachers and staff

III     Autumn Term 2017

  • Elect chair and vice chair (and schedule next elections)
  • Set dates of meetings for the year
  • Decide committee structure, membership and terms of reference
  • Set objectives for the governing body for the year
  • Review headteacher’s performance
  • Review the school’s charging policy, including, for example, for school trips
  • Draw up freedom of information publication scheme
  • Approve school improvement plan
  • Review performance management policy (not statutory for academies)
  • Set pupil performance targets
  • Review public examination and national test results
  • Receive report from school improvement partner/external adviser
  • Approve budget (academies only)

IV     Spring Term 2018

  • Agree curriculum plans
  • Review school improvement plan progress
  • Publish proposals and admissions arrangements for next autumn
  • Review special educational needs (SENs) policy
  • Review equality information and objectives
  • Review pay policy (maintained schools only)
  • Agree budget and staffing structure (maintained schools only)
  • Complete the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) (annually from March 2013) (maintained schools only)
  • Appoint clerk for the following financial year

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